How to Get Rid of the Sunday Scaries

How to Get Rid of the Sunday Scaries


Picture this: It’s Sunday night around 9pm, and after a fun weekend full of brunch with your best gal friends, an epic spin class and some relaxing family time watching the game, it hits you like a ton of bricks — the Sunday Scaries are here to wreak havoc yet again, like clockwork. Ugh.

You know exactly what we’re talking about — that feeling of dread that sets in as the weekend draws to a close and Monday morning’s never-ending to-do list looms on the horizon. But fear not, ladies, because Tidy Plans is here today with a few strategies for banishing that nagging weight of the Sunday Scaries so you can instead approach the week ahead with excitement and a renewed sense of energy. Let's dive in, shall we?

how to get rid of the sunday scaries 

Swallow the Friday Afternoon Frog

We’re all tempted to slack off a bit once Friday at 3pm rolls around (okay, sometimes it’s more like Friday at 11am). If you are anything like us, you might be known to occasionally say “that sounds like a problem for Monday me” — but there’s nothing worse than showing up to your desk the following week, pre-caffeine and regretting that you put off tasks that you could have easily gotten done. Do your future not-caffeinated, groggy-Monday morning self a favor and swallow that Friday afternoon frog!

Not sure what we’re talking about? Find that one thing on your to-do list that you are dreading the most, and simply get it over with. Chances are, it won’t take as long or be as painful as you think! Your Sunday night self will thank you, and after a few weeks, it’s sure to become an easy habit to keep up with. Having a few extra minutes for yourself to ease into things on a Monday morning is a great way to avoid burnout and not dread the start of a new week.

Set Realistic Goals for the Week Ahead

With the onset of Sunday, you might be thinking about all of the hundred things you need to get done come Monday. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day — so don’t look at your to-do list with expectations of getting it all done, right out of the gate. Thinking about your entire to-do list as a whole is a recipe for Sunday Scary disaster. Instead, try to set realistic goals (or better yet, mini goals!) that you are more likely to accomplish in smaller chunks. Making small progress on bigger tasks is the best way to snowball your momentum which you can carry without throughout the entire week.

Breaking down your to-do list into smaller, manageable tasks can help reduce overwhelm and make the workload seem more attainable. It not only helps you stay focused on the task at hand but also gives you a sense of accomplishment as you complete each item. By setting mini-goals, you're more likely to make steady progress towards your larger goals, which can help reduce the pressure and anxiety that comes with a never-ending to-do list. Remember, progress is progress no matter how small, so don't underestimate the power of taking small steps.

Don’t Wait Until Sunday Night to Tackle Your Personal Admin

If you find yourself with a few free minutes on Friday evening or Saturday morning, tackle your personal admin early — you know, those pesky little weekend tasks that weight heavy on our brain. Just think how relieving it will be come Sunday afternoon when your life already feels in order! Plus, organizing your upcoming week a day or two early leaves Sunday for running that quick errand you forgot about, rather than trying to crunch it all in at the eleventh hour.

Maybe even consider making it a part of your Friday afternoon routine — before you close up shop for the week, take 10 or 15 minutes to organize everything for next week. You’re bound to have a bit more momentum on a Friday afternoon and your Sunday night self will thank you later! For a quick headstart, heck out these printable weekly planners which are perfect for organizing everything you need to get done, day by day.

how to cope with the sunday scaries

You’ve Heard it Before: But Seriously, Take a Break

Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but a weekend without any actual downtime can be the first domino to topple into eventual burnout. Maybe you won’t notice it right away, but with too many jam-packed weekends in a row, you’re bound to hit a wall of exhaustion. Make sure to carve out some personal time to relax, even if that means turning down invitations to social events or family gatherings — remember, you can’t always do it all!

By making “me time” a non-negotiable part of your weekend routine (every weekend!) you’ll be able to better balance your personal down time with your weekend obligations. The secret is to be consistent, even if you can only find 15 minutes for yourself on an especially busy weekend! Your mental health is so important, and the foundation of everything else you do in life — and taking down time to recuperate and rest is a big part of keeping your brain happy!

Positivity is Everything

Negativity and complaining is contagious, which is way it’s so important to practice positivity and gratitude when you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed. By reframing the week ahead as an exciting opportunity to accomplish new goals, your Sunday evening is bound to be a bit more enjoyable. It might feel a bit forced or artificial at first, but by recognizing (and better yet, writing down!) all of the things you are looking forward to during the week ahead, you are bound to squash those nagging Sunday Scary feelings.

Remember, there’s a past version of you that would be so proud of where you are in life today. It's important to give yourself credit for your hard work and acknowledge the progress you've made. By focusing on your strengths and accomplishments, you will boost your confidence and feel more capable of tackling the challenges that still lie ahead. So instead of dreading the upcoming week, try to approach it with a sense of gratitude and pride for all that you've accomplished.

By prioritizing self-care, staying active, setting realistic goals, practicing gratitude, connecting with others, and getting enough rest, you can conquer those Sunday Scaries and start the week off on a positive and motivated note. So take a deep breath, remember that you've got this, and let's tackle the week ahead together!

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