Five Happiness Hacks to Live a More Fulfilled Life

Five Happiness Hacks to Live a More Fulfilled Life


It's not you, pinky promise. It's just that sometimes, the monotony of our daily routines can really get us down, and life begins to feel like a bit of a snooze-fest. Fortunately, there’s a few small steps you can take to avoid just going through the motions of life, waiting for the next exciting thing to come your way.

Because even though life may throw curveballs our way here and there, at the end of the day, happiness is an intentional choice. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or hot cocoa, whatever your little heart desires!), get cozy, and let’s discover some fun and easy happiness hacks that you can incorporate to spice up your daily routine so you can feel like your best self.

Try Something New 🛼

You’ve probably heard this advice before, but do us a favor and save us the eye roll — because getting out of your comfort zone and breaking the monotony of your day-to-day routine truly is the easiest way to spark excitement and discover a newfound passion! Go for a stroll around a craft store, sign up for an online course, dust off those cookbooks and test out a new recipe — it could be anything!

By breaking free from the mundane, you’ll be able to tap into your creativity, get back that child-like curiosity, and rekindle your long-lost sense of adventure. You may even discover a hidden talent or interest that you never knew you had. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits immeasurable!

Carve Out Some Me-Time From Your Busy Schedule 🧖🏼‍♀️

While self-care certainly can be a hot bubble bath and a cucumber face mask, in order to take care of yourself, you’ve got to balance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Make sure you're getting enough sleep, eating well, and drinking plenty of water. Take breaks if you feel like you need one, close the laptop and get out in nature — whatever you have to do to feel like yourself again, do it! (PS: these weekly planners and printable calendars are a great way to check in with yourself and make sure you aren’t overcommitting yourself!)

When you put your own needs first, you'll have more energy and focus to tackle the most important challenges that come your way. Sometimes our busy schedules make it tough, but as the old saying goes “if you don't have time to meditate for an hour every day, you should meditate for two hours.”

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Romanticize Your Life 💋

Recently, a slew of videos about “romanticizing your life” was trending on TikTok, and for good reason! By feeling grateful for every day events — stopping to grab a tasty iced coffee, crushing that spin class or buying that new pair of flats — you’ll begin to notice more positive things all around you. It might sound silly, but happiness is contagious, and it’s all about mindset. Over time, you'll start to cultivate a more upbeat mindset and genuinely appreciate the small joys in life.

Another way to romanticize your life is to surround yourself with positive people and experiences. Seek out friendships and relationships that uplift and inspire you, and spend time engaging in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. When you're surrounded by positivity, it becomes much easier to see the good in life and appreciate the small things. You'll find that you're more likely to attract positivity into your life when you also have a positive attitude and outlook.

Get Up and Get Moving 💨

No need sign up for an expensive gym membership or run a marathon here — getting active can be as easy as taking a daily walk, dancing around the house to your favorite tunes, or doing some simple stretching at home. When we're focused on moving our bodies and are being present with the activity at hand, we're less likely to ruminate on negative thoughts or worries. This helps to clear the mind and is bound to leave us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Still feeling stressed out? Grab a friend and try a new workout class or join an adult sports league — not only will you be reducing stress, but you'll also be able to reap the social benefits of it too. And who doesn’t need help making new friends as an adult? Even better yet, you’ll definitely be able to sleep at night after you exerted a ton of energy throughout the day, which is a huge bonus, because the quality of our sleep impacts our happiness, too! 

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Start a Gratitude Journal 🙏🏼

The simple daily practice of gratitude journaling can have a major positive impact on your mental health and happiness. By taking a few minutes (even just 2 or 3!) to jot down what in your life you're thankful for, you’ll train your brain to focus on the good which will help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Plus, it's an opportunity to get creative and find a cute journal that speaks to your personality and style! Whether you're grateful for the little things, like a warm blanket on a cold day, or the big things, like a promotion at work or a supportive family, every bit counts.

If you’re not sure where to begin, these journal prompt workbooks are great for diving into the world of morning journaling! We recommend committing to 30 days of journaling — after a month, it will easily be a nice new addition to your morning routine, and you’ll really start to uncover some patterns and revelations in your thoughts.

* * * 

The pursuit of happiness is certainly a lifelong journey, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone. But by incorporating these five happiness hacks into your daily routine and remaining open to self-discovery, personal growth and being a lifelong student, you’ll immediately start living a more fulfilled and joyful life.

Remember, happiness is not just a goal, but rather a state of mind. Cultivating a positive attitude, checking-in with ourselves by practicing gratitude on a daily basis, and focusing on the present moment all contribute to living a more joyful and fulfilling life. By choosing to prioritize happiness as a state of mind rather than an end goal, there’s no doubt that you’ll find joy in the simple moments and appreciate all of the beauty that is life's journey.

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