Journaling Ideas for July 2024

Journaling Ideas for July 2024


Hello fellow organizationally obsessed ladies! As we step into July 2024, it's the perfect time to channel your inner self-care goddess and embrace the power of morning journaling. Whether you're a seasoned journaling pro or just dipping your toes into some newfound self-reflection, we’re here with to inspire you with a few fresh and exciting journaling ideas that will make July 2024 your most introspective and empowering month yet.

Whether you are using these journaling ideas for the morning or prefer to jot down your thoughts each night before you go to bed, either way, it’s a fantastic habit to get into this month! Let’s get into it:

Dive Right in Without Much Thought

Your daily journaling session doesn't require a grand entrance — instead, ease into it each morning by just letting the words pour out as they come to mind. Allow your thoughts to spill onto the paper without worrying about any structure or doing any editing is the best way to get the pen moving and the thoughts flowing.

Jot down whatever comes to mind: it could be about the significant events of your day or the subtle emotions you felt when you first woke up. This free-flowing style, commonly known as "free writing," can be super therapeutic, as long as you embrace the messiness. It's not supposed to be about polished sentences or perfectly articulated ideas — instead, use it as an opportunity to just get the words moving and as a chance to explore your raw and unfiltered thoughts.

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Use A Printable July Calendar as a Visual Roadmap

Kick of July 2024 by incorporating a cute printable calendar right at the front of your journal. This will not only serve as a blueprint for your month, but it will also act as a visual anchor for your daily reflections. Choose the calendar design that resonates most with you — whether it's minimalist, floral, or vibrant design, checking in with your July 2024 each day will help set the tone for a month full of organization, planning and self-reflection.

Of course, we have an entire collection of cute calendars, so you can pick your favorite Printable July Calendar right here!

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Three Shadow Work Prompts to Explore

For those that don’t know, shadow work is the purposeful exploration of the hidden or unconscious aspects of ourselves (as coined by Carl Jung) in order to achieve a higher level of self-awareness and personal growth. Diving into shadow work can be an eye-opening and transformative experience. If you don’t know where to get started, try out these easy shadow work prompts to get the thoughts flowing:

  1. Write about someone who triggers strong reactions from you, and examine the qualities they possess that might cause these responses.
  1. Identify any habits or behaviors that you find yourself criticizing in others, and reflect if they actually represent aspects of yourself that you suppress.
  1. Reflect on any recent moments of self-sabotage or procrastination, and write about the underlying fears or limiting beliefs that may be driving these actions.

July is a month of relaxing summer days, and what better way to express self-love than by dedicating time each morning to journaling? As you cozy up with all of your tools — your printable July calendar, an array of shadow work prompts and of course, a brand new cute notebook, remember that your daily journaling habit is as much about the process as it is about the end result.

Here's to a month filled with authentic words, empowering self-reflections and the joy of expressing your deepest thoughts in the privacy of your journal pages.

Happy July, ladies!

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